noun, plural: ourglasszoos.

The entrapment of the mind that prevents purpose, creativity, colour and greatness. 

The band 

A fresh mix of electronic rock with a few drops of synth pop are the secret ingredients of the Vancouver-based band 'OurGlassZoo.” Their debut EP made it to the semi-finals of the biggest on-line songwriting competition (ISC) which featured high end judges such as Lorde, Kaskade, Tom waits and the late Chris Cornell. The songs 'Somehow Somewhere' and 'Listen' got radio play in both Italy and the UK in 2018.


The new album was recorded at Monarch Studios with Juno award winning producer Tom Dorbzanski ('The Zolas') and will be released through Sony Orchard in March 2020.



The single 'Astronaut' was released on February 14th 2020 and  features the band's first official music video, which stars Georgie Daburas from the Netflix show 'Sabrina' and Karissa Ketter (‘Kim Possible’), who was nominated for a Joey award for her performance in the video.


OurGlassZoo will perform in music festivals including 'UpTown' in summer and booked a Canadian tour with LiveActs next year.

The Concept

OurGlassZoo is a society where trite routines are the norm as its citizens lack both purpose and empathy.  The "zoo" keeps the individuals in captivity, trapped in a glass bubble, reliving the safety net of comfort while conditioning the tamed mind, preventing them from achieving their full potential.

The band name is displayed in colour to remind us that light is trying to break in to break us out. It is the beginning of an awakening of self-determination and possibilities. 

The band members are freedom fighters for that movement.